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Bringing you the best coffee, sourced from around the world!
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Exim Products

Exim Products sources, processes, imports and distributes green coffee to roasters and traders throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. We have a deep love for coffee, and want to bring you the best no matter where you are!

That’s why we focus on sourcing the most high-quality green coffee from around the world, processing it to the highest specifications, and delivering it in a timely manner.

As a second generation, family-owned business, one of our top priorities is to our farmers and cooperatives. We work hand-in-hand with our farmers to ensure their quality of life is greater. We have planted over 10,000+ trees in the mountains throughout Indonesia, built water systems to ensure these towns get fresh running water, and built schools filled with teaching and school supplies to the children within these towns. We have provided means of transportation, assisted in building homes and medical centers for our cooperatives to ensure our farmers and cooperatives, along with their families, are provided with a higher standard of living.

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