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At Exim Products, we know that coffee is important—it’s how we start our day! This includes consistency and quality, two of the most important aspects of our coffee operations.

Arabica & Robusta

Our processing facilities process large volumes of both Arabic and Robusta qualities of coffee. We process our coffees to the highest standards to ensure maximum quality control, no matter if we are shipping directly to clients or moving through our warehouses across the globe. We source coffees from over 30+ different countries. Below is a chart which shows the bag weights per region.

Originating Kilos Pounds
Hawaii 45.63 100
Yemen 50 110.23
Swiss Water Decaf 59.88 132
Indonesia, Africa, Brazil, most decafs 60 132.28
Central and South America 69 152.12
Bolivia and Colombia 70 154.32
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