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At Exim Products, we take coffee very seriously. In fact, some would argue that we live, sleep, and breathe coffee—and we can’t disagree! While we take our work seriously, we appreciate all elements of coffee and the coffee-making process, and thought we’d share some fun facts from the coffee industry with you today. Share with your friends, or check back often to see what we have to offer!

  • Coffee exports produce over $20 billion each year! That’s right, just the coffee that is produced in one country and sold in another makes this much money! Across the world, coffee is worth over a hundred billion dollars!
  • Coffee is second only to crude oil in terms of worldwide commodity production—beating out natural gas, corn, sugar, and gold!
  • 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year. This averages out to about 65 cups of coffee, on average, per person.
  • Over 25 million people depend on coffee farming to sustain their lives, particularly those in Asia, Africa, South and Central America, and the Caribbean where coffee grows the best.
  • Half of Americans drink coffee daily—3-4 cups per day, as a matter of fact!
  • Coffee shops are some of the fastest growing elements of the US economy. Seen a coffee shop in your neighborhood lately? Both chains and independent franchises are getting in on the coffee game, as well as restaurants and even some bars!
  • Coffee hasn’t always enjoyed a good reputation! Way back when it was first discovered, it was banned as a drug, and blamed for riots, anti-government acts, and even evil! The death penalty was given for consuming coffee, even though no science has ever supported coffee causing these kinds of activities.

Did anything on this list surprise you? Check back on our blogs often, because we regularly share interesting information on the coffee and beverage industry, as well as the best offerings from Exim Products!

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