Do you Have These 5 Ingredients for the Best Coffee?

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If you’ve ever dreamed about the best cup of coffee ever, you know that it doesn’t just involve brewing any old grounds into a cup of brown liquid. In fact, there are plenty of special tools and tricks that go into making the perfect cup of coffee. Read on to find out if your cup stacks up!

  1. Beans. Your coffee starts as a plant, producing the delicate green coffee beans that are eventually harvested and roasted to the lovely brown shades that you’ve come to love. But if your coffee itself is not of good quality, your cup will suffer as well! Choose the best coffee from a reliable supplier like Exim Products.
  2. Processing. Once your coffee beans are grown, they must be harvested, roasted, and processed into individual serving sizes. This can be done well, enhancing the rich, deep flavors of the coffee, or sloppily. Exim Products chooses on the best processers so our coffee is always the best it can be.
  3. Water. Now that you’ve got your coffee ready to brew, it’s time to think about your water! Quality in predicts the quality out, so if your water is anything less than idea, consider using bottled water to brew your next cup of coffee. This can change the flavor and improve it greatly by letting the true flavors of the coffee come through instead of being hidden by bad-tasting or bad-smelling water.
  4. Equipment. Humans have found new and improved ways of brewing coffee for centuries. Whether you go old-school with a percolator, fancy with a French press, speedy with an espresso machine, or something else, make sure that your brewing equipment is clean, well-serviced, and brews at the best temperature for your coffee.
  5. Developed preferences. At the end of the day, a perfectly pulled Italian espresso shot just can’t be compared with a “regular cup o’ joe” with your favorite flavors. What matters most is that you find what you like in terms of beans, roast, processing, intensity, and yes, flavorings! Explore with different coffees to see which is your favorite.

Is your coffee process the best it can be? If not, step it up with a great new coffee from Exim Products!

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