The Exim team is committed to sourcing and distributing Direct Trade, Fair Trade, Organic, UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, and sustainable coffee. This improves conditions for workers, improves the environment, and brings you the highest quality of green beans!

What We Do?


Our Philosophy

Superior coffee begins with superior beans, so we emphasize working hand-in-hands with our farmers to ensure high quality.

Our Coffees

By strategically sourcing coffee from around the world, we offer variety and convenience for individuals and businesses.

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From 1 pound to full containers, give us a call to schedule your coffee delivery today!

About Exim Products

Not only does Exim Products source, process, import, and distribute green coffee to roasters and traders throughout North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, we work with other coffee producers and exporters to supply customers with a great variety of green coffees from origin countries throughout the Oakland to the warehouse locations list.
Where are we?

Warehouse Locations

To serve all our customers quickly and efficiently,
we have six warehouses located throughout the globe.

New York      Amsterdam      Surabaya     Makassar      Ruteng      Medan
What Happens Here

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