Exim Products, LLC

Availability - Our inventory is strategically located in Antwerp, Seattle, Oakland, New Jersey, New Orleans and Singapore.  Due to the fluctuating seasons of most of our offerings, year round availability cannot be guaranteed, however we strive to maintain adequate supply for our customers.

Pricing - Our pricing is based on the markets, therefore pricing fluctuates as the market fluctuates. Most products carry premiums or discounts in reference to the market, referred to as a differential. 

Types of Purhasing -
Spot purchasing is the purchase of a product at any point (on the spot) that is subject to availability and market pricing.  This is a first come first serve basis.

Purchasing is the purchase of a product for a future delivery.  This is recommended for buyers who are looking for the freshest qualities and have a good ability to view their future demands.  This ensures to our clients that the coffee will be available to them whether or not we have an unexpected surge in demand depleting our spot offerings.

Shipping - Our volume shipments offer us discounts, which we pass on to our clients from our network of truck, ship, and rail logistic companies we use.  We can ship coffee anywhere in the world. 

All orders require a 48 hour processing period to ensure that all departments have sufficient time to ensure quality.

Damage or Lost in Transit - It happens at times that during shipment, bags may be torn or slightly damaged.  If you receive coffee that is damaged and there is a weight loss, be sure to note this on the bill of lading BEFORE signing it with the freight carrier.  Then please contact our offices and we will gladly assist you in the claim process.


Exim Products, LLC
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